Local Chapter – Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park

Here is the list of the local professionals who will be able to assist you if:

  • you’re a testator and would like to make sure that all your ducks are in a row, and that your executor will have sufficient support when the time comes,
  • you’ve been named the executor on someone else’s will, and would like to make sure that when the time comes you know who you can rely on
  • you’ve just been appointed the executor on someone else’s estate, and are now wondering what all needs to be done, and who can help!

Antoine is the founder of Executor Experts, he is a Certified Executor Advisor, and operates under his company Rempp Financial.

  • Rempp Financial

Russ Schoeppe has created a platform that allows you to store all your data online, a click print so your executor can get such a headstart on their work.

  • Executor Made Easy - EME

Andrew Geisterfer is one of the first lawyers that we've worked with who has immediately shared the vision of Executor Experts as a platform to help the general public.

  • Masuch Law LLP

Brad Ward wears two hats: he owns an auction house and is also a realtor with Remax.

  • Ward's Auctions

Gavin Friedley is one of our more consistent speakers in Edmonton. His knowledge on tax matters is fantastic.

  • BDO Canada

Jolyn Hall is one of our the speakers who has recently joined us, her experience dealing with retirement living is going to be a great addition to the team.

  • Revera Retirement Living

Karen Bodoano has participated in several events, her experience in the field of self storage and moving is a valuable addition to our team.

  • Move Coordinators

Ruth Wiart has been working with Executor Experts to bring our topics to life and creates great life legacy videos.

  • Reel Story Inc.

Trina Johnson offers a unique service where she works with your family to create a life legacy book that will capture your loved one for the next generations.

  • Kercy Co

Duff Robison is the funeral home manager at Glenwood Funeral Home. He's organized a few events with us already.

  • Glenwood Funeral Home

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