Kingston – May 16

Come and join us for an evening Executor workshop at the Gordon F. Tompkins Funeral Home – Township Chapel in Kingston.  Free event, but registration required.  Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the local experts give you tips about estate planning and executorship.

Come and hear from an Executor Advisor / Retired Estate Lawyer, with years of practice behind his belt, an Executor Advisor / Insurance Expert, an Accountant, an Estate Downsizing / Realtor / Executor Advisor, and a Funeral Director.

Event starts at 6pm and will be over around 8:30pm.

Pre-Arrangement Funeral Director
Stacey is a well rounded and knowledgeable Pre-Arranging Funeral Director based in Kingston.
Retired Estate Lawyer - Certified Executor Advisor
Walter is a retired estate lawyer and a Certified Executor Advisor in Kingston. He started his own company to help the executor navigate the challenges ahead.
Executor Advisor - Insurance Expert
Antoine is the founder of Executor Experts, he is a Certified Executor Advisor, and operates under his company Rempp Financial.
Executor Advisor - Auctioneer - Realtor
Barry is CEO of Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services and the exclusive trainer for the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist designation in Canada.
Tax Accountant
Meghan is a Kingston-based accountant that specializes in tax compliance and advisory services for trustees and executors.

Several professionals from various fields come together to help the executor and the testator understand what happens when someone dies. It also offers some great tips to plan ahead as much as possible, so people can focus more on grief and less on administrative paperwork when the time comes.
You will hear from an Estate Lawyer, Executor Advisor / Insurance Expert, Accountant, Estate Downsizing / Realtor, Funeral Director, Life Legacy Video Producer, Online Estate Organizer, and Retirement Consultant.
It will be a value packed day!

The event will start at 9:15am sharp, so please come 10-15 min to make sure you have time to park, and then sign in at the door.

The event is free to attend, but registration online prior to the event is required.

No need to print you tickets online, but if you realize that you can’t make it despite having registered, please call us know or email us so we can invite someone on the waiting list to join us.

This is a full day event, so lunch will be provided.

Event Details