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Are you interested in becoming one of our featured speakers?

Are you passionate about helping others? Would you like to come and speak in front of your target audience? Join our team and become our local expert in your area(s) of expertise.

What are the benefits of joining one of our panels?

  • Exclusivity
  • Third party endorsement
  • Publish content as a featured expert
  • Exposure on the website
  • Personal profile page
  • Speaking in front of your target audience
  • Leads/Referrals

Live Presentation

Live Events

Be introduced as the Executor Expert in your discipline, and speak in front of your target market. Connect with the audience, follow up with them after the event, and get leads from the website based on your location.

Speaker Profile

Speaker Profile

As an Executor Expert, you get your own profile page on the website with your bio, photo, contact information and website/email addresses. You can publish articles on the website to position as an authority even further.



As a Executor Expert member, you will be the only one in your profession featured in a specific geographical area/local chapter. Exclusivity means that you can promote the events to your database knowing you’ll be the one featured.

Steps required to become one of our Executor Experts

If you’d like to join our panel of experts, reach out to us and let us identify if you’re a good fit for our group. Experience, ability to speak in front of a group, passion for what you do are some of the skills that we’re looking for.

We encourage our speakers to focus their energy on their local market, since they will be able to reach more people that way and position themselves in their community.

If your local chapter is not listed here yet, please reach out and we can entertain starting one in your area.

If you see one of your competitors in your local chapter, that doesn’t mean that the seat is not available. Reach out and we can confirm if the position is available or not.

Once you’ve decided to join our team of Executor Experts, subscribe to our yearly membership and lock your competition out of your local chapter(s).

Once you’ve joined the community of Executor Experts, please fill out all your information so we can update your personal profile page on the website.

You can upload your information in multiple sessions, and what we’re looking for is your contact info, short and long bio, social media links, high resolution head shot, and high resolution logo in a horizontal and square format.

By joining our community we are committing to get you in front of your local market at least three times per year, probably more.

Depending on how many chapter(s) you’re involved with, you could expect to be speaking to a live audience every two months, or maybe even more.

We usually take a break in July-August, and in December.

As a member of our Executor Experts group, you’ll have the opportunity to publish articles on the online platform, which will help position you even more as an authority on your subject.

By contributing to the overall knowledge displayed on the website, you’ll gain more traffic and your articles will always be credited to you, with name and contact information at the bottom of the article.

As we continue to grow, we will add video and podcast to the tools available to our speakers to gain more visibility.

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