Andrew Earle
Funeral Director, General Manager
Andrew has been one of the first one to share the vision of Executor Experts, and has hosted the most events to date.
Angela Yee-Hamshaw
Estate Lawyer, Barrister and Solicitor
Angela Yee-Hamshaw is a tax lawyer based in Calgary who has developed an expertise over the years in the field of wills and estate planning.
Andrew Geisterfer
Estate Lawyer, Barrister and Solicitor
Andrew Geisterfer is one of the first lawyers that we've worked with who has immediately shared the vision of Executor Experts as a platform to help the general public.
Antoine Rempp
Executor Advisor - Insurance Expert
Antoine is the founder of Executor Experts, he is a Certified Executor Advisor, and operates under his company Rempp Financial.
Brad Ward
Auctioneer - Realtor
Brad Ward wears two hats: he owns an auction house and is also a realtor with Remax.
Cheri Goldstone
Executor Advisor, Organizer, CFP
Cheri Goldstone has been a regular speaker at our events, her understanding of banking processes stemming from her experience as a branch manager is very valuable.
Christopher Stephan
Estate Lawyer, Barrister and Solicitor
Chris is a lawyer who grew up in Red Deer and is very involved in his community, various boards and associations, and his church.
Dale Wright
Funeral Director
Dale is the manager of the Leyden's Funeral Home in central Calgary, and is the first one to host an executor workshop in Calgary.
Dave Sinclair
Business Transition Specialist
Dave Sinclair has a very unique specialty that is relevant for business owners who are thinking or forced into transitioning from their work life into their retirement or succession.
Don Montgomery
Don has been working in the auction business since 1988, and has developed a solid reputation in central Alberta.
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