Warren Powell
Pre-Arrangement Funeral Director
Warren is a well rounded and knowledgeable Pre-Arranging Funeral Director based in Belleville.
Natasha Muzzatti
Pre-Arrangement Funeral Director
Natasha Muzzatti is the Pre-planning specialist at Scott Funeral Home in Brampton.
Stacey Hartley
Pre-Arrangement Funeral Director
Stacey is a well rounded and knowledgeable Pre-Arranging Funeral Director based in Kingston.
Walter Viner
Retired Estate Lawyer - Certified Executor Advisor
Walter is a retired estate lawyer and a Certified Executor Advisor in Kingston. He started his own company to help the executor navigate the challenges ahead.
Chantal Lafreniere
Estate Lawyer - Certified Executor Advisor
Chantal is a lawyer at Persona Law Group, and also a Certified Executor Advisor. Her practice focuses entirely on Wills and Estates.
Richard Wright
Estate Lawyer
Richard has been in the practice of general general Law for 33 years ,with an emphasis on Wills and Estates.
Antoine Rempp
Executor Advisor - Insurance Expert
Antoine is the founder of Executor Experts, he is a Certified Executor Advisor, and operates under his company Rempp Financial.
Barry Gordon – Estate Appraiser – Realtor
Executor Advisor - Auctioneer - Realtor
Barry is CEO of Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services and the exclusive trainer for the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist designation in Canada.
Fred Streiman
Estate Lawyer
Fred is the Managing Partner and head of the Family Law Group at the firm.  He practices Family Law, Wills and Estates, and Estate Litigation.
Glenn Williams
Tax Accountant
Glenn Williams is the principal of Williams Accounting Professional Corporation and has been providing tax and accounting services to their clients since 1997.
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