Stacey Hartley

Stacey is the Pre-Arranging Funeral Director for Arbor Memorial in Kingston.

Stacey finished her education at Humber College in the Funeral Services Education Program and received her Ontario Board of Funeral Service License in 2000.

She has taken on the role of Pre-Arrangement Funeral Director and Aftercare specialist.

Her job allows her to meet with families before the death occurs and put arrangements in place as well as after a loved one has passed away and help to assist them to complete necessary phone calls and paperwork pertaining to important matters that need attention after someone has passed away.

Stacey worked in Sydenham from 2006- 2014 at Trousdale Funeral Home before becoming a member of the Kingston team. She brings 18 years of experience and knowledge about monuments and cemetery property.

She is an active member of her community and on various social councils. She is also a member of OFSA, and ASE.

Stacey enjoys reading, skiing, and hiking. She currently resides in Lyndhurst with her husband and their 4 children.

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